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October 9, 2015

Fall is here and Frank is back on the grid better then ever!

by JBird Melodie

Hey Gang!  Yes I know it’s been awhile.  The summer went by so quickly like they always do but now it’s fall and Halloween is fast approaching!  FrankLee is back and in full swing!


So here is the scoop.  Frank has added lots of new songs to his already over 300 song list from artists such as Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran just to name a few!  The last few shows have been bursting with requests and we are proud to announce that we’ve added quite a few new Dreamers to our awesome group. So welcome to all the new members!

To catch a regular weekly show, mark your calendars for Friday nights at 7pm when Frank performs at Moonshines & Roses.  Frank is also doing shows bi-weekly and monthly at Night Moves, Key West, The GSpot, Sextuary, LC Live, and Alligator Beach.  Keep an eye on his group, Facebook page,  and notices about special holiday events coming up too!  This holiday season will prove to be very different and exciting so come be part of the fun!


See you on the grid!




Gig Talk

May 15, 2015

GREAT night at Key West!

by JBird Melodie

Wow Dreamers!  Wednesday night was epic at Key West!  At one point around 8:26 pm, we had over 66 people there!


I would like to thank all of the Dreamers who came out to support FrankLee!  It was a great show filled with dedications and requests.  We all had a blast!  Hope to see you all soon out on the Grid!!


Thank you to Liz Wake and Tommi Bayn for always making us feel so welcome there!

Liz Wake dancing it out!

Gig Talk

April 9, 2015

Congratulations Night Moves!

by JBird Melodie

FrankLee singing request after request

Lizzy & Robby Brinner dancing the night away

Congratulations to Lizzy and Robby Brinner for celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Night Moves this week!  Tuesday night, we packed the venue with live artists, Ganjo, then FrankLee followed by Winston.  It was a great night for all and we look forward to many more anniversaries for Night Moves.


Thank you Lizzy and Robby for being such loyal Dreamers and for bringing us the best in live music week after week at your awesome venue!













Gig Talk

April 5, 2015


by JBird Melodie

Hey Gang!  FrankLee has been playing a lot more in SL these days and we would really like to thank the Dreamers for coming out to support him.  This year has been quite busy for FrankLee and we have added a lot of regular shows with some early ones giving us opportunities to see his fans from all time zones.  We’ve also been adding lots of new Dreamers to our group too!


This year I would really like to feature some of our Dreamers in this blog.  Here is Shanti Rasa, Jericho Anomaly and Cricket Anomaly dancing it out at LC Live Music Venue! Thank you guys for coming out and for always making local chat more fun and for keeping us in touch with the latest fashions!



Keep watch on this blog, you might be my next featured Dreamer!


Hope to see you this week!


Gig Talk

February 17, 2015

New Shows and New Times!

by JBird Melodie

Winter & Frank looking gorgeous on Valentine’s Day

Hey Dreamers…  Hope all is good in the world for everyone and that you had a happy New Year and a very special Valentine’s Day!  FrankLee was busy out on the grid these last few weeks singing at some new venues and at different times of the day bringing out more and more Dreamers which is awesome!

This year we have a whole new twist for getting to hear FrankLee play on Saturdays!  Thanks to The Pier and GSPOT Music Venues, we have alternating 5pm and 7pm shows to always look forward to.  So check the calendar on this website frequently times and locations.

Also, Night Moves owned by our very own Dreamers, Lizzy & Robby Brinner have also added FrankLee to their roster every other Tuesday at 7pm so be sure to come out for that.  On alternate Tuesdays, FrankLee will perform at The Seaside Lounge at 5pm also giving our Dreamers from across the pond the opportunity to come to a show.

Today I have featured some pictures from Valentine’s Day at the GSPOT Music Venues as we celebrated their 5th Annual Valentine’s Day Ball this past weekend.  Keep and eye on this blog for lots of pictures this year as we honor the many loyal Dreamers we have come to know and love.

Sin & Tralee, our host at GSPOT Music Venues





Gig Talk

December 25, 2014


by JBird Melodie

This past week was a banner one for FrankLee!  He performed 6 times and sang every Christmas song he knows and even some he didn’t… LOL.   We had a blast at The Fillmore on Monday followed by The White Gala Ball at  Omagination Art Gallery Tuesday.  On Thursday we partied hard at Sadie’s Christmas Party at Northern Lites then traveled back to The Fillmore Friday night! Saturday, FrankLee hit the ground running at the GSpot Ball followed by The Pier later that evening…Phew, that was exhausting!  LOL


Yes it was an eventful week and we hope you all enjoyed the shows and will enjoy this holiday season completely!   FrankLee will have one last performance on Sunday, December 28th at 8pm for Wounded Warriors… This event is close to Frank’s heart so we hope to see as many of you as possible.


In the meantime, please have a safe and happy holiday season!  Happy New Year to all of you from Franklee, Winter, JBird and Aubreya!


FrankLee at Omagination Art Gallery

Sadie & Jed at Northern Lites!

FrankLee performing at the GSpot Ball

Gig Talk

November 14, 2014

FrankLee returns to Night Moves!

by JBird Melodie

Hey Gang!  Wow what a great week we had!  It started off on Sunday with our very own Dreamers Lizzy and Robby Brinner hosting FrankLee at their awesome venue Night Moves!  It was a great show with so many requests and lots of joins to the Dreamer group!


FrankLee taken by Robby Brinner!


Lizzy and Robby almost a year ago, were married in SL and FrankLee performed at their beautiful wedding.  It was Lizzy who brought the song “Choose Me” to FrankLee who learned it just for them and now that song has become a fan favorite!


Our Hosts Lizzy and Robby Brinner!


In the crowd that night were some veteran Dreamers like Zak Zwelling, Dear Misfit, Hells Lobos and Skeat Abonwood just to name a few.  Here are some photos from the evening.  Thank you to Robby for taking a few of these pictures for FrankLee’s blog!   FrankLee will be back on the 30th with Lizzy and Robby to celebrate as they mark their one year anniversary!  Congratulations to you both and thank you for bringing live music to Second Life!




Skeat Abonwood! Always rocking the show!!









Gig Talk

November 1, 2014


by JBird Melodie

Hey Gang!  Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  We sure did with Kenzie’s Halloween themed  night at The Pier!  Yes!  FrankLee returned to The Pier after a year to Fear at the Pier where there were great costumes and lots of Dreamers! I want to thank everyone for coming out that night and a special thank you to Kenzie for inviting  us back and for making it so much fun with the  costume contest!  Here are a few pictures from that night!   FrankLee was  “Mal Function” or so his costume name tag said but no denying it, it was FrankLee’s voice singing to us all of those amazing tunes!  Look for FrankLee to return to The Pier for a regular gig and be sure to come around!!

FrankLee Anatra









Kenzie dancing with Batman! 😛

Aubreya and I all Halloweened up!

Gig Talk

October 5, 2014

Hesperia of Templemore City!

by JBird Melodie

Have you been to Hesperia of Templemore City yet?   Well if you haven’t, please head on over to this awesome sim!


The creator of this sim is Luis Gonzalez and he is an insanely talented builder! I’ve seen the builds he has done at Key West and it’s all so amazing!  Just check out the sim if you are out and about.


FrankLee is performing there every 2nd Sunday at 12Pm and 4th Sunday at 4pm.   Hope we see you there!

All the Dreamers!!

Aubreya, Luis Gonzalez and JBird









Gig Talk

August 6, 2014

Happy Summer Folks!!

by JBird Melodie

Hey Dreamers… wow I can’t believe the summer is already half over!  Where does the time go?


FrankLee has been off the grid for a while but he returns tonight to Key West!  Also, lots of exciting shows coming up as he heads back to Templemore on Sunday at noon!  So if you are out and about on the grid, please come join us at Key West this evening at 8pm…   Come early and catch Quartz at 6pm and then Johnny Paramour at 7pm!


As for the rest of the month, come back and check the calendar frequently for dates and times to catch FrankLee on the grid!